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We can provide delicious catering for your breakfasts, lunches, meetings & training events etc.

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Sandwich Platter for 5 (20 quarter sandwiches)

Deli Roll Platter for 5





What our customers are saying

A gem in the mixed Princes Street market. Very few places on the gauntlet of the high street offer you the service, speed and price of Snax which has stood the test of time over the years. Stuck in between excellent pubs and generic high street shops it can be easily missed, but difficult to forget.

mcneillr, Edinburgh

Tasty food with friendly staff who are keen to have a laugh not expensive, my Dad and I both rate this cafe highly we keep on going back and back.

scotsguy80, Edinburgh

This is a very pleasant cafe. To be honest, I was really impressed with how good the food was, and also at how cheap it is! I normally would never have ventured in, except for the recommendation of a friend. This cafe is quite small and hidden away, but I wasn't disappointed. Awesome!

mrtomjones, Edinburgh

An excellent little cafe, whether you want to grab a quick bite on the go or sit in and have a big cooked breakfast this place should be considered, I’ve been many times and will be going back many more, very cheap and tasty food, i’m getting hungry for one of their bacon rolls just writing this!

Marcos, Edinburgh

A student and workman hang out, Snax is a small Cafe with a warm atmosphere, friendly staff and fantastic food. Wither your on your way to a lecture (it is located 2 minuets from George Square campus) or a traffic warden popping in for a quick bit to eat, Snax’s generous menu will have something for you... staff are always present and very friendly, leading to a very casual laid-back atmosphere...if your within a mile of this place, don’t miss it - its the best breakfast/lunch cafe in Edinburgh.

zippokovich, Edinburgh

Now this is what it's all about...the word that come into my head when I think of Snax aren't just ones like "tasty", and "affordable, but "honesty" and "integrity" as well....you will never, ever tire of a well-fired morning roll with egg and crispy bacon. Every builder, student, benefit cheat, suits and office drone who works within a mile of this place can't be wrong. Huge crowds aside, it's practically flawless.

Gavin M, Edinburgh

What more do you want? Friendly service, decent food and great value for money. There's a queue, always a queue. But there's a reason for that. Serving a Big Breakfast, filled rolls, a Bigger Breakfast, paninis, the Biggest Breakfast...the list goes on and on. Something for everyone. And the coffee, very good coffee. Thank you!

Lindsay O, Edinburgh

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